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Please feel free to download and share these documents.

More Than Cheap Space 

Students from the MA Architecture at Welsh School of Architecture developed this extended case study of The Sustainable Studio in response to the 'Value' project. The case study puts forward a powerful and compelling economic argument for such spaces. Embedding the principles of the Wellbeing for Future Generations Act to challenge what are commonly held misunderstandings of cultural value. 


Campaign to Protect Grassroots Culture  

Arts Professional published this article in response to our initial Call to Action on May Day 2019. Also see Creative Cardiff's blog of meeting 1. 


Beyond Meanwhile Spaces 

Creative Commons Cardiff members Stephen Pritchard and Stephanie Bolt worked with BA Architecture students as part of Welsh School of Architecture's 2020 Vertical Studio on a topical Beyond Meanwhile Spaces project. An open discussion was hosted on Thursday 30th with members of the public with comments on collectively working towards a citizen's charter for meanwhile


A paper which highlights the issues with the current s106 system as applied in Cardiff is available to download and share here



Colleagues Ruth Essex and Chris Coppock have completed a Report on the Arts Council Wales' Ideas People & Places project. The spirit of IPP and those connected to it was profoundly moving. It celebrates the 'authenticity of the periphery' and never 'shouted' or courted attention. It cannot and must not fade without trace. 


Download it

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